Racing to School (registered charity no 1040590) is British horseracing’s main provider of free education programmes. The charity works with partners to provide an inclusive and accessible programme: enriching the spectrum of National Curriculum subjects; engaging young people from all backgrounds; reaching out to all areas of the country.

There’s a racecourse within reach of nearly every school and college. And where there isn’t one or if transport funds are tight, we will always try to organise an educational session at the learning establishment.

How we are Funded

Racing to School relies completely on voluntary donations to continue our work providing free, innovative and valuable programmes to young people. We are extremely grateful for all donations, whether from schools and colleges; gifts from individual donors - who share our mission to support the education and aspirations of young people, and partnerships with a range of businesses across the horseracing and breeding industries.

Thank you to all our donors and we would kindly ask others to consider the benefits of supporting us to help young people flourish, and to reach a greater number of young people in the years ahead.

To talk to us about the many ways you may be able to help us, please call the charity for a chat on 07766 114828.

Becoming a Friend

Individuals are welcomed to become a Friend of Racing to School. More

Corporate sponsorship

Racing to School is open to corporate sponsors and an ideal match for companies with an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda or the will to make a difference in their local community. More