To help us run a successful programme, we’ll need you to:

  • liaise with us before the event to confirm the date, venue and activity risk assessments we provide, as well as any particular requirements you have
  • return the completed confirmation sheet and contact sheets – with names of and contact details for staff. We also need to know group number, the age range of pupils/students and any additional information, such as particular needs or health and safety issues
  • make sure pupils/students arrive at the venue at the agreed time, are appropriately dressed and have brought a packed lunch
  • ensure that pupils/students have been briefed on the expected standards of behaviour
  • check that accompanying staff meet the appropriate national standards in respect of technical competence and ratio to pupils
  • manage the pupils/students on the site and during the event so they remain in their allocated groups and on task during each activity
  • provide feedback on the evaluation sheets provided for staff and pupils.

Please also see Health & Safety.