You'll find our education programme supports your work in the classroom.

Enriching the curriculum

Racing to School offers hands-on educational activities for groups of pupils and students of all ages, delivered through the context of racing.  Maths, Literacy and Science have a particular relevance within the horseracing industry and other subjects such as Art, Business Studies, Design and Technology, Enterprise and Sports’ Science also link well.

We support a range of subjects and can design specific events to suit the needs of individual schools or colleges.

Logistical details

Our educational activities are normally delivered on a racecourse, whenever possible on a race day, on a date agreed with the school or college. The atmosphere of a race day offers a new, exciting experience for many young people, while enhancing their learning.

There are 59 racecourses in England, Scotland and Wales. Please see our map for your nearest one. We can also arrange visits to schools and colleges when it’s not possible for a racecourse event to be arranged. These visits can include a range of horseracing-based activities or workshop-type study groups.